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Welcome to the Official Website of Scottish folk rock band Journey North.  Here you will find out a little bit more about us including where you can see us live, you may even be of a mind to swing by the merchandise page where we have some band goodies.

You can also leave us a little something in the Guestbook.  Whether you have sought us out or merely stumbled upon us while trawling the web for pictures of cats why not say hello (if all you do is trawl the web looking for pictures of cats then please still say hi but don't be alarmed if we respond with the contact details of various help groups).
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If you would like more information on the band such as booking information or just want make sure you are kept up to date with what we are doing then use the Contact Us page to leave your details and one of us will get back to you (the same web/cat pictures/get help proviso still stands).

Quick links to our Facebook, iTunes, Twitter and YouTube accounts are below so once you are done here please feel free to exercise your trigger fingers and see the other little corners of the internet we inhabit. 
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